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Learning Preferences Booklet A guide to discovering your child's learning preferences... Product #: learning preferences Regular price: $20.00 $20.00

Learning Preferences Booklet

Price: $20.00

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Learning Preferences Booklet (PDF)

Is educating your child the logistical equivalent to peace talks in the Middle East? Does getting your child to do formal work result in spontaneous outbursts of temper or strike action? Does your child struggle with certain aspects of education? Or do you and your child simply not see eye to eye?

The problem may not be you or your child. As parents, we expect ourselves to understand our children and yet sometimes they are a complete mystery! Prepare to be demystified.

Understanding your child’s learning preference profile can be the key to more workable family dynamics and optimised learning for your child. In this book, we’ll be exploring how you can help your child to sparkle, shine and be their best in learning and life!

The topics in this booklet are: 

  • Learning Preferences and Home Education
  • Discovering Our Own Learning Preferences
  • The Myths of Learning Style
  • The 5 Keys to Exceptional Education
  • Mindsets: Vital for Effective Learning
  • Introduction to Learning Preference Profiles 
  • Information Processing Preferences
  • Sensory Processing Preferences
  • Environmental & Physical Preferences
  • Social Preferences 
  • Personal Qualities
  • Interests, Talents and Abilities
  • Stage of Development
  • The Learning Preference Profile
  • Programming with Learning Preferences in Mind
  • Activities for Helping Children Understand their Learning Preferences
  • Books and Resources