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Learning Our Way Magazine, Issue 4 Learning Our Way is an e-magazine designed to support home-educating families... Product #: LearningOurWay04 Regular price: $9.99 $9.99

Learning Our Way Magazine, Issue 4

Price: $9.99

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Learning Our Way, Issue 4 (PDF)

Inside this Issue:


Video Workshop Grant and Exciting Events - p.4


Feature Articles 

Top 15 Home Education Mistakes - p.5

Indispensable Skills, by James Marcus Bach - p.9

Home Education Journeys

Learning Our Way: An Interview with Peter - p.12

What it Really Means to be a Homeschool Dad, by Robin Paine - p.15


Curriculum Corner

Gameschooling for Learning, by Cat Timms - p.17

100 Learning Activities if You're Stuck for Ideas - p.21


Diverse Learners

The Unmeasured Executive Functioning Issue, by Colleen Kessler - p.23

Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm for Autistic Children, by Briannon Lee - p.26


Home Education Challenges

 How to Cope When Your Homeschooler Balks at Schoolwork, by Kris Bales - p.29

 Daytime, by David Albert - p.32


Home Ed Alumni & Youth Voices

Home or Away, by Tahlia Bacci - p.34

Leaving Behind the Daily Grind, by Emily Honey - p.35


Questions and Answers

Do You Have What it Takes to Homeschool? by Liesl from Homeschool Den - p.37


Community Noticeboard

Upcoming Community Events - p.40