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LEAP East Vic Park - Thursday Registration


I understand that the class instructor or representative of LEAP East Victoria Park will call an ambulance in my absence if it is deemed necessary for the well being of my child and agree to pay any and all costs involved.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that LEAP East Victoria Park is notified of any changes to the information provided above.

Public Liability insurance is provided by Home Based Learning Network of WA Inc and covers accidents, property damage and breach of duty of care which has occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the instructor(s) or HEWA.  It does not cover personal accident or professional indemnity insurance.  

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children before and after class.  

I understand that Home Education WA, class instructors and volunteers cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained by the child in the normal course of activities, provided that all due care has been taken.  

By ticking the box below I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the terms outlined above and in the Welcome Pack which can be downloaded from here.