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Media Sleuths

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Teacher - Saani Bennetts

Ages 10+ years 


Put on your detective hats and get ready to search for clues on an investigation into what makes the media tick! 

In this class, we uncover media techniques and help students build critical thinking skills so they won’t be fooled by media trickery!  Students learn about experts, credible sources, propaganda, overstatement, surveys and statistics, cross promotion, moral judgment and bias and much more!  

This engaging class is taught through discussion, group work, hands-on activities and of course, media clips videos and articles that are appropriate for young people. It’s a fun way to cover a range of Humanities, English and Media Studies outcomes. 

The class is suitable for ages 11-15 and all levels of literacy as well as diverse learning styles are catered for. Activities allow students to work at whatever level they are at or work in partnership with others if required whilst still engaging in high-level thinking and learning.