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KodeKlix Electronics - STEM in Practice

 stem in practice 1


Instructor - Saani Bennetts


Ages 6-12yrs

 This class is suitable for ages 6+yrs and all levels of literacy as well as diverse learning styles are catered for. Experiential learning allows students to engage in activities at their own pace and level. 

The KodeKlix STEM system combines both computer coding and electronics equipment to help students understand how things work in the real world.

The mechanical devices we use in our daily lives rely on circuits, sensors and other components combined with coding to tell the circuits how to operate – from the kettle or toaster to the washing machine or remote control. Understanding how everyday objects work provides students with a powerful foundation for independence and problem-solving in life.

Utilising snap-together electronic components, students learn about real-world engineering problems. Once the students have created a particular kind of circuit or invention, they test its effectiveness and then using a patented central processing unit, they can program instructions to their creation to perform different functions, thereby gaining a deep understanding of the STEM design processes.

We will need one laptop between two students for this class, so if students are able to bring a laptop along for this class, that will be excellent. If your child isn’t able to bring a laptop, we should be able to pair them with another student or provide a spare. Although we will use the laptops on occasion, this is not a class where students sit at a computer. It’s very much a hands-on, fun and collaborative class where students get to explore, build, make, experiment, create and invent practical things using electronics concepts.