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Make a Newspaper


Teacher - Saani Bennetts

Ages 10+ years 


This term, we dissect how a newspaper works – and then create our own. Each week we’ll explore different sections of a newspaper and different concepts, learning to write in different genres and consider our audience. 

At the end of the term, students will walk away with a newspaper that we have created together as a class. From political cartoons to ads to sport to articles and more, this project has something that everyone will enjoy! In addition to developing English skills, students will also continue to develop their ability to think critically and creatively. It’s also a project that we can have some fun with too!

This is an inclusive class. Students who struggle with writing can bring a laptop or ipad if that helps, or brainstorm ideas in class and then finish pieces at home. Students who struggle with literacy can work with others to brainstorm ideas, can be more involved with photography or illustration, can be verbally interviewed by a reporter and so on. Students who need extension will be encouraged to take on more challenging sections such as longer articles and so on. All students will be challenged with their thinking!