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Engineering Fun - Around the world in 1000 planks




Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

This class is an exciting merge of maths, engineering, design, history, geography, physics, architecture and art! Let’s face it, integrated learning is my thing. Using a construction system called Kapla we will adventure around the world exploring a variety of concepts through hands-on activities. Kapla is a wooden construction system used by children and adults of all ages. It is comprised of identical planks with a special ratio that makes them ideal for building complex structures held in place by gravity and balance. 

In addition to the activities below, students practice teamwork, collaboration and communication skills, develop language, creative and logical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.


Week 1: Elements of Building – we explore core structures and methods of building with our new construction system as well as enjoying an aqueduct challenge. 

Week 2: Cantilever and Balance – we explore concepts of balance, learn about some famous examples of buildings and bridges that use a cantilever system and build our own cantilever structures.

Week 3: Moving from 2D to 3D – we look at how to translate a 2D design to 3D using Kapla. This session works with spatial awareness and geometry and high-level design concepts.

Week 4: Pyramids – we learn about the different kinds of ancient pyramids that were built and then build our own, placing them accurately along a room-long Nile river.

Week 5: Great Wall of China – we learn a bit about the history of the Great Wall of China and other defensive structures, and then build the strongest wall we can to protect ourselves too!

Week 6: International Architecture Adventures – we explore different attributes of architecture in different cultures and then build our own structure using a particular cultural style.

Week 7: World Map – we explore the layout of the world and key geographical landmarks… using planks!

Week 8: Build a Village – we consider what the important elements of a village and community are, map out key features and build the components of our very own model village.