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Awake Kids

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Provided by Kis4Life

Ages 5 - 9 years

AWAKE Kids Puggles is the starting point for the AWAKE Kids programs. Over the program they learn about feelings, senses, cooperation, self-regulation, friendships and overcoming struggle with each week being a different theme. It is very interactive, with lots of discussion, team work and fun. This is a good starting point for children with who struggle to communicate, make friends or be in the world. Christyne has worked with many special needs children and those who have experienced trauma.

Ages 10+ years

AWAKE Kids 1 is a sustainable mental health program that strengthens a young persons self regulation, self knowledge and communication skills by giving them tools for life. This program builds self awareness of themselves and those around them. How to express what they feel, understanding relationships and strong communication tools. Each lesson is relaxed, fun, informative and a space where they can explore different ideas and thoughts safely. Protective language, mindfulness and respect are key values of this course. There is no prerequisites for this course.