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history and geography

Instructor - Boriana Todorova

Learning history and our place in the world should be fun.  Nothings helps us understand the past quite like good stories.  These stories take us across oceans and ages, and sweep us over continents anc centuries.  They allow us to see what happened long ago, to put ourselves in the place of people long gone, to walk in their shoes for a while, and consider what they might have seen and thought. 

Classes are interactive and hands on with elements of art, story telling and critical thinking  that combine to create a rich and varied learning environment.

Ages 10+ years

Using a variety of sources, students will learn about various periods in history.  Their learning journey will be recorded in a Visual Diary using a variety of techniques.

Students will learn to identify the causes and effects of change on particular communities, and be able to describe aspects of the past that remained the same. They will be able to describe the different experiences of people in the past and the significance of people and events in bringing about change.