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Debating 101


Teacher - Saani Bennetts

Ages 10+ years 

For those who have worked with me this year, this class will allow us to revisit the skills we started developing in our persuasive writing unit and extend and expand on them, but with a slightly different format, to keep it interesting. I would like to be able to extend those skills and not just cover them once, and debating gives us exactly that opportunity but with new twists and a different end outcome to work towards. 

Having done the persuasive writing unit is not a prerequisite though, so all are welcome to join us and the class will cater for all levels of ability and background. One of the joys of debating is that students will work in a team and take different roles, and there will be a role that suits everyone within each team. We will be working toward having a formal debate at the end of the term (with parents invited) but if there is anyone who feels adamantly opposed to speaking in front of parents, they can still participate and learn the skills but can have a role that doesn’t involve speaking during the end-of-term debate. I won’t force students to do something they’re no comfortable with, but debating is so much more than just public speaking. 

Debating allows us to extend the skills involved in essay and persuasive writing and take them to a whole new level. It involves thorough research and teaches students to organise their thoughts and structure their writing effectively – and many more skills that are useful in so many areas of life.