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Great Games for Bright Brains



Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

This is an enrichment class for children whose parents know how important games are for learning! In this class, we will play a variety of games:

  • Language games – designed to help children increase their vocabulary, express themselves creatively and practice word and spelling skills
  • Maths games – designed to help children become more fluent in basic operations, practice a range of maths concepts and enjoy working with numbers
  • Thinking games – designed to develop problem-solving, logic skills, strategy skills, planning and analytical thinking
  • Creative games – designed to help children build quick, flexible thinking skills, solve problems creatively and practice originality 

As we play the games, we will also be developing important social skills in cooperation, negotiation, learning the etiquette of games and how to work together with partners and in teams. We will learn specific skills that children can use to solve problems that may occur when working with others. 

The games we will play are carefully chosen because they enrich and enhance a child’s education. With a skilled facilitator who can bring out the value in each game and ensure children are challenged, games are a powerful way to develop important thinking skills. Games are an integrated and holistic way to learn, and at the end of the term, you will receive a list of the games the children have played with the skills they encourage, as well as relevant curriculum links. 

This class is suitable for children of any literacy level, but who are happy and willing to work cooperatively with others, work in pairs or as part of a team when playing games and who have a reasonable attention span.