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Boriana Art

Instructor - Boriana Todorova

Ages 6 –14 years


This year we are going to play with different mediums and materials including watercolour, acrylic, graphite drawing, collage with different materials, projects with recycling materials, clay work etc. etc. All ages are welcome to participate in one group. 

In my art sessions I like to cover a broad range of mediums, materials and techniques in painting.

  • Drawing with graphite and charcoal.
  • Collage with as many materials as we can find.  
  • Quilling in combination with painting.
  • Printmaking with natural objects.
  • Hand made paper used as support for paintings.  
  • Paper sculpture, etc.
  • Weaving using a loom
  • Needlework

I am a prolific artist who enjoys sharing ideas and creative space with kids and adults alike. My style of teaching is light and accepting of different views and ideas. I believe in enhancing and nurturing what already is there in an artist of any age. Art is love and no one has ever regretted doing it.