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STEM - Bright Young Minds Think Tank


Think Tank 2


Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

An important (imaginary) research organisation needs the perspectives of children to help provide ideas and solutions to a range of fascinating problems. The children of LEAP Vic Park have been recruited for this exciting task! 

This term, using Tony Ryan’s ‘Thinkers Keys Program,’ we will learn new techniques and practical strategies for critical and innovative thinking each week and apply the techniques to solving interesting and creative problems. 

This class combines STEM, technologies and design and language outcomes to help students continue to develop their exceptional thinking skills. As Tony Ryan says, “children are always thinking. It’s a matter of how effectively they’re doing it. Students’ thinking helps them to embed any learning taking place. Given that this embedding is one of the critical drivers for quality learning, we can hardly refer to thinking as a luxury. It’s a necessity!” 

Using fun, hands-on activities, discussion, collaboration, invention and design, we will work together to use our bright young minds to improve the world.