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STEM - Prototypes & Production 


Think Tank 2


Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

This term will be focused on finishing our projects from Term 3. These projects have seen the students working at an extremely high level in the thinking, designing, editing, analysing, teamwork, communication, critical and creative thinking that has been involved. The work they’ve done thus far has been absolutely amazing and it is extremely exciting to see the students so motivated to pursue a project over time and to such a high standard.

Having put so much effort into their projects, the students are very keen to produce a prototype of their game that is of extremely high quality and that they can keep and enjoy for years to come. As such, this term will centre around STEM learning relating to design, engineering and the technology involved in the production of a prototype. It will also involve maths and English as students work out costs for their project and engage in a simple venture designed to fund their projects and continue to write and edit materials for their project. 

The group of children who are happy with their home-made prototypes will be able to take their Term 3 project home in the first week next term and will be provided with a choice of activities that centre around the idea of exploring prototypes and innovation. As the other groups are at different stages of progress with their Term 3 projects, those who finish quickly will be able to move onto other prototype-related activities too. Any students who weren’t attending in Term 3 will be able to join an existing group and help finish their project, or join the students who finished their project in Term 3.