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HASS - Big Picture Think Tank 

Think Tank 1

Teacher - Saani Bennetts

Ages 10+ years 


A think-tank is a group of experts who are gathered together by an organization, such as a business, research institute or government, in order to consider various problems and try and work out ways to solve them. 

This term, the superb thinkers at LEAP have been called up to be part of an exciting think tank initiative, where they will put their bright minds to good use in developing creative solutions to interesting problems. Using Tony Ryan’s ‘Thinkers Keys Program,’ we will learn new techniques and practical strategies for critical thinking and innovative thinking each week and apply the techniques to real-world issues. 

As Tony Ryan says, “the solutions to any issue on this planet will come from the astonishing thinking of each one of us. To resolve our collective dilemmas, the world now needs to think as effectively as possible. A rapidly-changing world requires students to think creatively and critically, and the best future-proofing of children for an amazing world ahead is to develop their thinking capacities.” 

This class will integrate learning in Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS), English, Technologies and Design in thinking about current world issues and dilemmas. The class is taught through discussion and a range of hands-on, active, collaborative and fun activities.