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Instructor -  Jessica Crosse


In the final term for the year we'll be mix it up a bit and students will get a taste of:

  • Crime Scenes - who dun it?
  • Celebrity Interviews - who wants to be one?
  • Worlds Worst Auditions - who can deliver most terrible performance?
  • Gibberish Games

Ages 10 – 14 years

Over the course of the year Students will experiment with the elements of drama and selected drama forms and styles, considering how feedback can be used to enhance improvised, devised and scripted drama. Students will be introduced to script formatting and conventions.

Students will experience drama as performers and audience members. They will develop their performance skills to establish connections and build trust with the audience.

As they make and respond to drama, students explore how dramatic narratives and mood communicate meaning. They will examine the factors that influence drama in different cultures, times and contexts.



BOOK  East Vic Park