STEM - Spycraft 101


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Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

This class is suitable for ages 6 – 11 and all levels of literacy as well as diverse learning styles are catered for. Experiential learning allows students to engage in activities at their own pace and level. Please note: this message may self-destruct once you have read it. 


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn and practice the skills needed to become an outstanding secret agent! This class helps students develop STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) understandings, problem-solving, creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills through hands-on learning and a fun secret agent theme.

This term, we will cover:

  • Secret Agent Reflexes – practicing our speed, accuracy and coordination and inventing training exercises for other secret agents.
  • Mission Plans – how to read blueprints and designs, building from blueprints and drawing our own blueprints for inventions that others can build.
  • Secret Agent Mind Power – we learn an effective memory technique that can help us on secret missions (and in life) and practice our new powers with fellow agents.
  • Spy Gadgets – in this class, we look at inventions and gadgets and we design and build our own creative gadgets from recycled materials.
  • Code Breaking – we learn about different codes, practice sending and deciphering secret messages and making our own codes.
  • Disguises – a secret agent would not be complete without the ability to disguise themselves! In this class, we learn and practice two of the many effective disguise techniques.
  • Booby Traps and Alarms – every secret agent needs to know how to set a good trap and in this class we utilise chain reaction theory to create Rube Goldberg machine traps or alarms.
  • The Great Escape – in this class, we learn the science of pulleys and invent contraptions to transport secret plans away, allowing us to exit a building without being caught with the plans on us!