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Group of Teenagers

Instructor -  Jessica Crosse


Fusion (ages 10+yrs)


Using a combination of drama games, role playing and theatre games, young people will learn how to :


  • Establish and build positive relationships, maintain positive friendships, negotiate and resolve conflict, be assertive and respond to bullies, communicate effectively.
  • Build Resilience: Persevere and overcome frustrations and bounce back from adversities, positive self-talk, recognise how thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour.
  • Identify Emotions: Recognise, manage and monitor emotional responses, apply strategies to reduce anxiety and anger management, develop empathy.
  • Take Responsibility: Develop a growth mindset, make positive and responsible decisions, develop self-discipline, set goals and take risks.


These classes are ideal for those children experiencing anxiety and struggling with self esteem, however all youth can benefit from this programme.