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Home Education and TAFE during Years 10-12

The South Metropolitan Education Regional Office has provided the following information about TAFE and home education during Years 10 -12. 


  •       In Year 11 and 12, if a student is studying full-time at TAFE, the relevant Education Regional District office will receive a notification of the enrolment and will then able to cease the home education registration.  If however, the course is a part-time course, students need to remain registered for home education and the TAFE component would be considered as part of the overall education program. Work they do in the course and other work provided by the parent will be looked at by the moderator. 

  •        It can sometimes take a while for the Education Regional Office to receive notification of the enrolment from a TAFE, so parents should provide the moderator with proof of enrolment in the TAFE course before they will be taken off the registration. 

  •        This is not the case for students in Year 10 and below.  For them to be taken off registration for full-time work or a full-time TAFE course, it requires an exemption that can only be signed off by our Regional Executive Director.

  •      Part-time work and TAFE can be accessed by home-educated students but a moderator will still need to evaluate the program and progress of the student on an annual basis.