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The first step to getting started on your home education journey is to register as for home education with the Department of Education. By law, school-aged children must either be enrolled in a school or registered for home education.

Steps to Registering for Homeschooling.

Watch A step by step guide on how to register for Home Education in WA

To register as a home educator, the Department of Education requires you to complete and lodge a form, which is available from your local Regional Education Office. You can find the contact number for your Regional Education Office on the Education Department website. Your application for registration is to be made by the last Friday in February in the first year of registration, OR within fourteen (14) days of the last day on which the child was re-corded as attending a school.

It should be noted that the Department does not use a standard form for registration or reporting for all of the respective districts, each district creates its own registration form and asks for different information. This also applies to the reporting system used by the moderators.
When you register your child for home education, you are required to supply their name, date of birth, address, your name and if applicable the last school they attended. Should the form you receive ask for any further information such as your reasons for home educating it is purely at your discretion whether you choose to respond with an answer.

When your application for registration has been processed you will receive your Certificate of Home Education. Once you have registered, the registration is ongoing unless it is cancelled by the home educator - there is no requirement for annual re-registration. A child's home educator is responsible for the child's educational programme from the date set out in the certificate as the day of registration.

Registration is available to all Permanent Residents or Citizens of Australia and New Zealand, however if your child has been registered in the school system, you are then eligible to apply for registration as a home educator, regardless of your residency status.

Once you have registered for home education, your Education Department Regional Office will assign you a moderator. Moderators are appointed by Regional Executive Directors to monitor the educational program being provided to each child. Moderators prepare an evaluation report for the Regional Executive Director about the program and the child's progress based on evidence provided by home educators who are provided with a copy of the report.

You will receive an initial visit from your moderator usually within the first three months of your registration. You will then receive another visit from your moderator later in your first year of home education. After that, if the moderator is satisfied with your progress, you will receive a visit once a year. Moderator visits are covered in more detail in  A Guide to Moderator Meetings, Reporting and the Australian Curriculum  which can be purchased using this link.