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This is a great form of learning for organising information graphically, especially for those learners who need visual reminders and prompts. Notebooking, in its basic form, is literally just having a lever arch file or similar in which to put all the child's work pertaining to that topic/subject. In its more complicated form, it involves, scrapbooking techniques incorporating lots of arts and crafts, stickers, colouring-in and cutting out.

Lapbooking is similar, in that it is a form of preserving work learned, whilst being extremely visual, but it is displayed in a file folder (those coloured folders you buy for filing in filing cabinets), which has been folded into a different shape (called a shutterfold), and the contents are more hands-on, in that, there are minibooks to open, wheels to turn, and many other folds to add interest to the book. It is extremely visual, and fun for those children who truly enjoy cutting, pasting and colouring-in, and serves as a great tool for revision


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