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Insurance – Who needs it and why?

Anyone who organises an excursion. If you book the excursion, collect names or money to pay for the excursion and/or have children under volunteer supervision during the excursion then you should have Liability insurance. 

·        Anyone who organises regular activities or gatherings at a venue should have Liability insurance

·        Anyone who organises regular activities or gatherings at a venue and collects funds to cover the activities and/or pays an instructor/teacher to provide some form of class should have Liability insurance and Workers Compensation insurance.

By organising or being part of a group/team that organises any of the above you have a Duty of Care or responsibility for the safety of the participants, as well as any property that is damaged by participants or the event organiser/team.  If an accident or damage occurs that could have been prevented by the organiser(s) taking reasonable care then the organiser(s) are legally and financially responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the accident or damage.  In the case of an accident this could mean having to pay large medical bills.  For damage to property, this could mean paying for the replacement of electronic equipment, furniture or repair of the hired venue.

If you are organising any of the above you should have Liability insurance cover to protect your family’s financial situation.  At Risk Management seminars I’ve attended, it’s been pointed out many times that volunteers need to be protected for the situations outline above as well frivolous lawsuits which may be brought against them.  Regardless of whether a lawsuit has merit, volunteers still have to pay legal costs to defend against them.

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  • Liz says #
    Great post! It also worth knowing that in Scenario 2 (hiring a coach), Worker's Compensation is not only required in case the coa