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Insurance Information for Groups and Events 2017

Home Based Learning Network has Public Liability insurance and Workers Compensation insurance for organisers of group home education events.

Summary of Policies

Public Liability

This cover protects the HBLN committee, members and event organisers from third party actions where a third party eg members of the public, is killed or physically injured or their property is damaged, due to the negligence of the HBLN committee, member or event organiser.

Cover includes liability:

• Caused by event organisers

• Liability to event organiser who suffer injury whilst involved in organising an HBLN homeschooling event

• Legal costs and expenses incurred when defending a claim

Limit of Liability:

• $10,000,000 maximum

Compensation is NOT payable unless the insurer and/or court decides that HBLN was negligent in its duty of care and that this negligence caused or contributed to the accident.

Do not under any circumstances, admit liability for any accident. Admitting liability may compromise the insurance company's ability to defend you.

The Home Based Learning Network's insurance is for its own protection and for those events or groups who have officially registered with HBLN.  It is not intended as a personal insurance scheme.


Cover Provided:

• This policy will cover the legal liability of HBLN and its members (including children) while participating in HBLN activities within Australia in respect of personal injury and/or damage to property.

• Activities covered include the administration and co-ordination of home educating families, the organisation of social gatherings, functions and conferences.


Does Not Cover:

• Accidents involving Registered Motor Vehicles where covered by Compulsory Third Party, watercraft or mechanically propelled vehicles.

• Accidents involving activity in high-risk sports. Members instructing home education families in sporting activities must carry their own insurance.

• Professional Liability.

• Members instructing home educating families who receive a payment for service whether of monetary or "in kind" value.

Prior notice is required on all events. To request an insurance pack or to register your group/event email     coordinator@hbln.org.au

Please note that it is important to view the policy in detail  on this link  as a complete list of what is covered and what is not can be found here. This document should be used as a guide only and does not replace the information contained within the Broad Form Liability Insurance document.


Workers Compensation

This cover protects HBLNs registered groups who employ a worker(s) who suffers an injury. Under the Act HBLN are liable to make any payment in respect of the injury. This cover indemnifies HBLN against that payment and in addition, will pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred with the insurers written consent.

As an organiser you must take Reasonable Precautions to prevent injury to Workers and must comply with all relevant laws, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984.

Please note that it is important to view the policy in detail,

Click QBE Workers Compensation Policy to see a detailed copy of the policy:

as a complete list of what is covered and what is not can be found here. This document should be used as a guide only and does not replace the information contained within the Workers Compensation Insurance Policy Wording document.

For more information on Workers Compensation insurance click here


Leases and Other Agreements (In Writing)

All leases, agreements or any other contract documents requiring signatures must be forwarded to HBLN, for approval prior to signing to ensure contractual and financial liabilities are approved by the insurer.

It is your responsibility as an organiser/group to ensure that venues used for your events are suitable and safe. Where an organiser/group feels that safety may be at risk due to the conditions of the premises, a letter should be written, and a copy sent, to the owner of the premises outlining the situation and requesting immediate action to remedy the problem. Please forward a copy to HBLN.



The Legal Liability section of the policy will protect HBLN members in the event that they are legally liable for an accident occurring in connection with our activities. However, it is important to remember that HBLN's insurer only agrees to cover you on the condition that you comply with relevant government requirements and take reasonable precautions to prevent injury to person and damage to property.

Parents are fully responsible for the safety and discipline of their own children and/or those in their care, and they should take all necessary steps to ensure accidents do not happen. Children should be supervised at all times.

Supervision of children should always be by a specific, responsible adult who has agreed with the parents to take care of the child and who has agreed to abide by the HBLN Code of Conduct.

Click HBLN Code of Conduct to view details.

Proof of this agreement shall be the signing in of children on the Event Attendance Register for the activity.

It is the duty of all individuals to ensure they protect the children in their care from injury. We do not have child care at any Home Based Learning Network activities unless specifically stated in advertising regarding that event, in which case qualified people will be employed to care for children.

Action by children or adults which may place the group/network or the Association in a liable situation cannot be permitted and every effort should be made to ensure that this situation does not occur.


Risk Assessment

It is important that a risk assessment is done prior to one off events or on a regular basis for ongoing events.

For more information on Risk Management see the Risk Management section of the HBLN Policies and Procedures for groups.  To request a copy of these email    coordinator@hbln.org.au


Registered Vehicles

The Home Based Learning Network cannot accept any responsibility for accidents arising from the use of motor vehicles in connection with home education activities. It is essential that any such vehicles be fully insured in respect of Third Party Injury and Property Damage Liability before use is authorised.


Volunteer for Events

HEWA Events

Have you considered volunteering but don't have the time to join the committee or take up a full time role?

Then why not consider volunteering for a  one off event?  It's a great way to feel a part of the community, meet new people and gain experience in a friendly and supportive environment, it is also a huge help to the home based community of WA especially the mums and dads on the committee.

There are no restrictions on how often you volunteer and even children can put up their hands up with mum and dads consent if they think they are up to the task.

Below you will find up coming events and positions available, if you see one you like then the next step is simple, use this link coordinator@hbln.org.au to contact Gabrielle and give her your details, the event your volunteering for and the position you would like to fill.

As an added bonus if you volunteer for an event you will receive free entry to that event.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the life of the community and make some new friends at the same time while enjoying yourself.

We are currently looking for people to fill the following vacancies:

    1. Sports Carnival - volunteers to oversee events on the day, preferably anyone over the age of 14 .
    2. Teen Ball - volunteers to help organise prior to and on the day of the ball
    3. Teen Group - one volunteer to organise monthly meetings at various locations through out Perth.
    4. Teen Cafe - volunteers to help with various activities during the evening.
    5. Science Fair - volunteers to help organise prior to and on the day of the event.
    6. LEAP - vounteers to help monitor registration desk.
    7. Adventure World - volunteers to help hand out tickets on the day.
    8. Coffee N Chat - volunteers willing to share their home ed experiences with other families.

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What Members Say

  • “HBLN are amazing - they provide such fabulous services for home educating families!

    I have always enjoyed working with HBLN and their experience, expertise and support has been invaluable.

    Thank you for everything you do!”
    Saani Bennetts, (service provider)
  • "HBLN has been of great service to me.

    I help run a home schooling group and HBLN provides free insurance for our group which is invaluable. We would not be able to operate without it.

    A great bunch of volunteers. Thank you HBLN, you are appreciated by me"
    Rachael (home schooling mum & Flourish HS Group Organiser)
  • "The Getting Started Workshop was an excellent presentation with lots of information shared and it made the process of homeschooling much more easy for me to navigate.

    And the manual is invaluable."
    Lisa (member)
  • "I've been meaning to email to you say how excellent I thought the HEWA workshop on getting started in home education was recently.

    It was extremely informative, inspiring and useful.

    Thank you so much for running it. I feel so much more confident in getting started now"
    Rebecca (member)
  • "I just love HBLN you are a great group of people."
    Emma. (service provider)